B-GOSS is back on stage with “FEEL” presenting it for the first time at Ministry Of Sound this evening


With the success of “Regret” the artistic vein of B-Goss, stage name of Luigi Giangrossi, has certainly fomented in fact today March 11th published by LoudKult is the day of “Feel” with Georgia Blackwell.
A single with the typical sounds of the Eighties, enriched by deep tones and chill house. The voice of Georgia Blackwell warm and enveloping knows how to give the song a characteristic of uniqueness.

B-Goss after the countless achievements obtained with his music: as “Regret” the most shazzammed song in Chile, entered countless charts in various countries of the world (Brazil, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France , Italy and Paraguay). “Subura Su Sky” where B-Goss is the voice and producer of the song or “What’s on My Mind” published by Sony Music Entertainment and many other hits,

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he will be a guest at Ministry Of Sound in the evening Future present Vini Vici, will present at his public “Feel” in preview.

After this date, he will fly to Miami at the end of March to attend various events and meeting points at Miami Music Week.

B-Goss a young artist, producer and deejay who deserves to be kept an eye on.

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