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“REGRET” the 1 MLN streaming track. Interview with the artists: B-Goss, Astrality & Arinn.

"REGRET" Astrality, Arinn, B-Goss

Regret is a track created in collaboration with Arinn, a talented Danish singer and B-Goss, an already well established producer from Rome also known for an important featuring with the American rapper Flo Rida.

Through an essential production, we tried to give maximum space to Arinn’s amazing voice, and to create a sort of storyline or monologue to immediately catch the listener’s attention.

Another fundamental element is the surrounding sound design which, although minimal, aims to give the track a very specific atmosphere.” Astrality

In less than a month, “Regret” has hit over 1 million plays on Spotify.


B-Goss is the name that identifies the Music Producer/DJ Luigi Giangrossi. B-Goss has signed with the best record labels such as Sony Music, Kontor Records, Blanco Y Negro, JVC Kenwood and Selected. With Selected was released the last single Regret reaching one million in just one month. Pursuing his passion of producing music, thanks to the support of all his staff, he had been able to reach great results. His single “We Gon Ride”, featuring Flo Rida and T-Pain, brought him a worldwide fame.

Regret is enjoying a significant media impact in the various music platforms. What is the secret to producing a successful track?

Simplicity, not too much but just enough. The concept behind Regret was to create a meaningful track with clean, minimal sounds. Also thanks to Astrality’s experience in sound design and Arinn’s super-clean vocal tone, we managed to come up with a fresh summer vibe. Before getting a definitive version of Regret a lot of changes were made to the track until we got the green light from Selected record label. Most of the time when people listen to a new track they don’t think about the hard work behind it. To achieve great results you have to work hard and be dedicated to every single detail, especially in the music industry. Another important factor for the success of a track is certainly knowing how to work in a team which in our case was incredible despite the distance. I really hope we get to collaborate again in the near future.

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Astrality is the newborn project of Daniele Cataneo, a pianist, songwriter and artist based in Rome, Italy, featured by labels such as Warner Music Italy, Kitsuné Musique, Selected. On the latter he released his breakthrough single, Alone Together, which exceeded two million streams in just two months. In his retro-futuristic sound you will find hints of garage, rhythm and blues and deep house, perfectly renditioned in infectious melodies, spacious, organic textures and surgical grooves.

You started out playing the piano. How did you make the transition into electronic music?

To be fair it all came about very naturally. Since I’ve been studying and perfecting many classical pieces I always had the urge to write something myself and also move away from that complexity. Each piece I played conveied a specific set of emotions and I’ve been trying to understand which chord progressions, melodies, counterpoints gave birth to what feelings. Finally I sat down and started putting it all together in a DAW (digital audio workstation): first by laying down the piano, then by adding drums around it and eventually bass, guitar, synths and other samples. As an avid electronic music fan, I naturally gravitated towards a 4 on the floor beat, while still trying to keep those organic vibes.

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Arinn is a tiny battle between sweet n sour, cute n raw, clean n gritty and this n that genre. Her productions, lyrics and versatile vocal melts together in juicy soundscapes of feels that somehow still relate to eachother.

Describe your creative process when you write Regret.

Daniele had sent a little piano snippet my way, and it immediately inspired me! So I hurried into my small home studio, pressed record and started singing. Sometimes the words comes first, other times the melody comes first and this time it was like I knew everything at once – I didn’t even have time to realize what I was singing about. It felt therapeutic to just let go of my feelings like that. Lean up against the sound of the piano and just give in to the vibe. I needed it. So even though the song sounds like a party mood at a first glance… to me it is actually a song about a heartbreak. So I love that now when I listen to the track, it makes me feel like dancing and laughing! It brings me only joy. I am so thankful that Daniele and Luigi saw a potential in my voice and produced the track with so much emotion and skill – really amplifying the universe to perfection. I would work with them again any day!

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