B-Goss: “Regret” is a really great single

B-Goss (Luigi Giangrossi) Ph. Simone Martellacci

Regret” is a track created in collaboration with Arinn, a talented Danish singer and B-Goss, a Roman producer already known in the world thanks to an important featuring with Flo Rida.

Through an essential production, we have tried to give maximum space to Arinn’s top line, to create a sort of story or monologue.

Another fundamental element is the surrounding sound design which, although minimal, aims to give the track a very specific atmosphere. “Astrality

The track from the release dates is having a lot of success. Reached 3.543.612 plays only on Spotify it entered top position in Brasil, United States, Venezuela, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Paraguay and also in other country. “Regret” has collected media of the caliber of Rich Vom Dorf and many others and is played in the most important radios around the globe.

Regret” has all the cards on the table to reach the Olympus of electronic music hits, you just have to listen to it and add it to your playlists.

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