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Danny Ores, Thomas Deil and Jean Marie shape ‘This is House’: a psychedelic Psytrance-Techno fusion

The epic encounter between Psytrance And Techno that is shaking up the music scene

'This is House'

In the vast landscape of electronic music, unique tracks occasionally rise above the rest.
“This is House” a collaborative masterpiece by the talented DJs and producers Danny Ores, Thomas Deil, and Jean Marie, is one such track.

Released on August 18, 2023, it bears the signature of the esteemed CLUBWRK label. Founded by the illustrious Will Sparks, who proudly stands 62nd in DJMag’s Top 100, the label adds prestige to an already captivating tune.

What sets “This is House” apart? It’s the blend of psytrance and techno, creating an irresistible psychedelic pulse. But there’s more. The track features a distinct, original vocal line. This voice transports listeners into deep emotional realms. Rich with history and experience, the vocal infuses the song with a unique, engaging spirit.

This amalgamation of sound and story isn’t just ear candy it’s a journey into the producers’ creative minds. The global music community has taken note. International DJs, diverse radio stations, and industry-specific playlists eagerly embrace the song.

They’re adding it to their rotations and top picks. Its rapid spread isn’t surprising. DJs seeking fresh, original sounds find it perfect. Radios aiming to captivate their audience with something new and thrilling are choosing it.

In conclusion, “This is House” isn’t just another track. It’s a blend of emotion, innovation, and musical prowess. Dive in, and let its waves transport you.

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