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Alleko joins Future Kids with the track “PSY KIDS” Feat. Akon and Mack 10

Thirty artists and many partners linked to the “Future Kids” project, among these emerge Alleko

FUTURE KIDS” is a recording project, conceived by Jean Marie Dj / Producer and Ancestrale A&M, so that with the contribution of various professionals, through the creation of a new song “PSY KIDS“, a fundraiser is encouraged to eliminate plastic in the seas.

PSY KIDS“,published on December 24th by Sony Music Italy, is an innovative track that mixes three different styles, with vocal and melodic parts that oscillate between R&B, Hip Hop and then explode in a Psy Trance drop.

Future Kids & Jean Marie “PSY KIDS” Feat. Akon & Mack 10, Alleko, Aloisi, Avp, Blondex, Creatures Ferris, Davemax, Dj Frenz, Farkas, Frances Leone, Javi Guzman, Joe Bertè, JP Sax, Kill The Frequency, Lil Van, Malvar, Manu P, Markhese, Mirko Alimenti, Mr. Scarybox, Niko Marke, Raxx, Red Death, Sweiz

Among the participants in the project: Alleko

Alleko (Àngel Gallego), is a producer, remixer and DJ from Barcelona, Spain.
When he was 15 years old he started publishing his first remixes on electronic music forums. Nowadays, his last published songs are heard on the best radio stations and these have received the support of incredible nightclubs like “Pacha Ibiza”. His productions, in which instrumental melodies are very important, include different styles as Progressive House, Bass House and Future House.

Welcome Alleko

PSY KIDS” is a truly innovative track, a mix of different genres: R&B, Hip Hop and Psy Trance, can you tell us more?

It has been a collaboration with producers of very different styles. It has been very interesting to work together bringing all these styles together and end up creating a new and original sound. Each one has contributed their bit and in the end it has been a very interesting track in which r&b, Hip Hop and psy trance dominate.

FUTURE KIDS” is a different recording project from others, what does it mean for you to be part of it?

I feel very proud to have been able to participate in this project, working with world class producers and also contributing to a good cause. It has been a challenge to work with new styles and with renowned artists like Akon, Mack10 or Jean Marie.

How important is the social component of the project for you?

For me it is very important. Now more than ever, it is crucial we act against climate change and its consequences, as well as the pollution caused by humans for decades. This is why the profits generated by this song will go to clean up the oceans. Ideally, everything possible should be done to avoid further contamination.

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Leave a message to our readers: “Thank you very much for all the support you have given to this song, I hope this is one of the many social projects in which I can participate. It is very important to help clean the oceans but what is really important is to stop polluting and contaminating them.”

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