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Javi Guzman & Frances Leone the power duo of Future Kids in the track “Psy Kids”

Among the participants in the Future Kids project stands out in power duo: Frances Leone singer-songwriter and Javi Guzaman dj / producer

FUTURE KIDS” is a recording project, conceived by Jean Marie Dj / Producer and Ancestrale A&M, so that with the contribution of various professionals, such as those of DJs, producers, singers, songwriters and production studios, through the creation of a new song “PSY KIDS“, a fundraiser is encouraged to eliminate plastic in the seas.

PSY KIDS” is an innovative track that mixes three different styles, with vocal and melodic parts that oscillate between R&B and Hip Hop and then explode in a Psy Trance drop.

Future Kids & Jean Marie “PSY KIDS” Feat. Akon & Mack 10, Alleko, Aloisi, Avp, Blondex, Creatures Ferris, Davemax, Dj Frenz, Farkas, Frances Leone, Javi Guzman, Joe Bertè, JP Sax, Kill The Frequency, Lil Van, Malvar, Manu P, Markhese, Mirko Alimenti, Mr. Scarybox, Niko Marke, Raxx, Red Death, Sweiz

Among the participants in the project:
Javi Guzman & Frances Leone are a powerful duo in electronic music. Frances’s vocals and songwriting, with Javi’s music production and engineering, is a unique mix producing bass-house and …bla bla. hits. They perform together in several venues in different countries, with a unique show of original live music. They have featured in the top10 of Beatport’s charts several times, and organised huge remix competitions. More than 1000 participants submitted remixes of their songs “Fire”, “Go Go Go” and “I Got You” for the first few contests, and they are constantly growing! They have performed at large festivals with thousands of people watching and jumping, as well as the worldwide festival Ultra Europe, in Croatia.

Welcome Javi Guzman & Frances Leone

PSY KIDS” is a truly innovative track, a mix of different genres: R&B, Hip Hop and Psy Trance, can you tell us more?

When we got  Akon’s vocals, we couldn’t miss this opportunity to jump on this track. It was really cool to sing with and mix the vocals of such a big Artist with so much experience.

FUTURE KIDS” is a different recording project from others, what does it mean for you to be part of it?

We love the collaborative feel to this track and working with many different Artists. It feels great to be part of a larger team on this project.

How important is the social component of the project for you?

It’s very fulfilling to be able to help with the removal of plastic from beaches through music. The money raised from this project will go towards that, which means a lot to us.

Leave a message to our readers: “We hope you enjoy this song as much as we do. Remember, every stream counts towards an environmental charity! See you soon.”

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